5 examples of how the languages we speak can affect the way we think

A good read! Another article showing the Society, Language and Culture are interconnected with each other.

TED Blog

language Economist Keith Chen starts today’s talk with an observation: to say, “This is my uncle,” in Chinese, you have no choice but to encode more information about said uncle. The language requires that you denote the side the uncle is on, whether he’s related by marriage or birth and, if it’s your father’s brother, whether he’s older or younger.

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“All of this information is obligatory. Chinese doesn’t let me ignore it,” says Chen. “In fact, if I want to speak correctly, Chinese forces me to constantly think about it.”

This got Chen wondering: Is there a connection between language and how we think and behave? In particular, Chen wanted to know: does our language affect our economic decisions?

Chen designed a study — which he describes in detail in this blog post — to look at how language might affect individual’s ability to save for the future. According…

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People come, People go

In our life, there are people who will somehow touch your life as you did to them. Who you are now is not because of you, but also because of the people around you. It is like puzzle pieces, being put together, wherein each of the pieces represents the people who became part of your life.

Today, I just learned that a college friend of mine just passed away. I was really shocked. Good and bad memories we had came rushing in, a sudden heap of heavy feelings fill my heart. I wanted to cry. I really felt sorry, he was really such a nice person. I still could not believe it. Just some days ago, I could see him posting some funny comments in Facebook and now….

My friend, I have not talked to you nor seen you for a very long time, I did not know you were already suffering from a disease. I am sorry. However, I will always remember our first year in college. The good and bad times, and how we help each other,  treat each one like our own family.

I want to thank you for being a part of who I am now and I will always remember how you have been such a good friend to me. I know you are in good hands now, having a great time with our dear Lord. May you rest in Peace. God bless.

You will be always missed.


I really like this song. It brings back a lot of memories.

I tried translating it in English. Hope it works.


Original Composition by: Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana

Interpreted By: Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos feat. Quest

Ohh oohh

Dati rati sabay pa nating pinangarap ang lahat

We used to dream together about everything

Umaawit pa sa hangin at amoy araw ang balat

We sang songs in the wind and our skin smells of sweat for staying under the sun too long

Naalala ko pa noon nag aagawan ng nintendo

I remember, we used to fight over Nintendo

Kay sarap namang mabalikan ang ating kwento

Oh, how nice it is to go back and reminisce our story 

Lagi lagi ka sa amin dumidiretso pag uwi

You always go straight to our house after school

Naglalaro ng tao taong piso-pisong nabili

We played action figures we used to buy for one peso,

Umaawit ng theme song na sabay kinabisa

Sang theme songs that we memorized together

Kay sarap namang mabalikan ang alaala

Oh, how nice it is to go back to those memories

Ikaw ang kasama buhat noon

You are with me ever since

Ikaw ang pangarap hanggang ngayon (hanggang ngayon), ooohh oh oh

You are still my dream ( until now)

Diba’t ikaw nga yung reyna at ako ang ‘yong hari

Isn’t it in those days you are the queen and I am your king

Ako yung prinsesang sagip mo palagi

I am the princess you always rescue

Ngunit ngayo’y marami nang nabago’t nangyari

But now, a lot of things has changed and happened

Ngunit ang pagtingin ay gaya pa rin ng 
da-ra-ra-rat-da dati [3x]

However, the way we look at each other is still the same

Na gaya pa rin ng

Is still the …

Dati rati ay palaging sabay na mag syesta

We used to take siesta together

At sabay ring gigising alas kwatro y medya

And then wake up at 4:30pm at the same time

Ohh, sabay manonood ng paboritong programa

Ohh, we also watch our favorite tv program together

Oh kay tamis namang mabalikan ang alaala

Oh, how sweet it is to go back to those memories

Diba’t ikaw nga yung reyna at ako ang ‘yong hari

Isn’t it in those days you are the queen and I am your king

Ako yung prinsesang sagip mo palagi

I am the princess you always rescue

Ngunit ngayo’y marami nang nabago’t nangyari

But now, a lot of things has changed and happened

Ngunit ang pagtingin na gaya pa rin ng

However, the way we look at each other is still …

Dati rati ay naglalaro pa ng bahay bahayan

We used to play bahay-bahayan (playhouse)

Gamit gamit ang mantel na tinatali sa kawayan

Using the table-cloth that we tied in the bamboos

At pawang magkakalaban pag nagtayatayaan

We were enemies whenever we play ‘IT’ game

Pero singtamis ng kendi pag nagkakasal kasalan

But we were as sweet as candies whenever we play kasal-kasalan (wedding game)


Diba dati ay nagkukunwaring Marvin at Jolina

Isn’t it that in those days we play pretend, like we are Marvin and Jolina 

Minsan ay tambalang Mylene at Bojo Molina

Sometimes we played the love team Mylene and Bojo Molina

Ang sarap sigurong balikan ang mga alaala lalo na’t kung magkayakap mga bata’t magkasama at

Oh how nice it is to go back to those memories, especially when those kids hugged each other and

Parang Julio’t Julia lagi tayong magkasama (hindi mapaghiwalay)

Just like Julio and Julia, always together (cannot be apart)

Sabay tayong umiiyak pag inaapi si sarah
(Hindi pwede yan)
una kang kinakatok
sa pagsapit ng umaga
(yan ang pag ibig)

We cried together whenever Sarah is getting bullied (You cannot do that [refers to bullying])

Sana mabalik pang dati nating pagsasama-aaah

I hope we could go back to the way we used to be

Diba’t ikaw nga yung reyna at ako ang ‘yong hari

Isn’t it in those days you are the queen and I am your king

Ako yung prinsesang sagip mo palagi

I am the princess you always rescue

Ngunit ngayo’y malayo ka’t malabong mangyari

But now, you are far away and it is impossible to happen

Ang aking pagtingin (ohh, bulong na lang sa hangin)

The way I look at you (ooh, I will just whisper to the wind)

Pangarap na lang din (pangarap na lang din )

Is also just a dream (also just a dream)

Na gaya pa rin ng
 da-ra-ra-rat-da dati [3x]

Like the way it was before

Na gaya pa rin
da-ra-ra-rat-da dati [3x]

Like the way it was before

Na gaya pa rin ng…

Like the way it was… before


This week has drained me physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve been trying my best to be positive and patient but I guess I ran out of it.

First case, the work is quite stressing, not with what I do, but with the people around me. I understand that every person is different and I am trying my best to be patient and understanding about their immaturities, but it is really draining me out of energy. At first, every time they say something bad to me, I tried being positive and just being calm and understanding about it. However, as it worsen, (add to that the work load I have to do) I am running out of energy. It is really tough to deal with these kind of people.

Second case, my friend is always feeling negative about her situation. As a friend, I do my best to help, be positive to counteract her negativity and give some advice. But then, she would still continue to be so negative and say something bad about herself, I do not know what to do anymore.

These are draining me out, and sometimes I feel like crying because I felt like could not tolerate it any longer. I am sucking away all their negativity even if I did not want to. Sometimes, it breaks me down. I wanted to say, “Would you please help yourself also? I am trying my best to support you and understand you, I am running out of energy for myself.” I have problems also. It is not only you who is exhausted. I am just doing my best to get all the positivity and patience that is left within me.

But of course, I could not do that to them because I feel guilty. I always feel it is my responsibility to help and cheer them up and as much as possible I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Because of these things, I came to realized something. Now, I understand how he felt for me. With him, I am like my friend and my workmates. I always complain and I am always negative, I did not realize I am draining his energy, sucking out his positivity and giving him all my negativity, which is really really bad. Too bad, I just realized it when it is too late. I am really sorry about that.

This is a lesson for me. I just pray to God, to keep me going.

Falling Leaves

Today, I needed some fresh air so I visited my Alma mater for a change. Unlike the previous days, today was particularly hot. I was expecting that it will be cool because of the cold front still passing through the country. Also, it was very dark and cloudy so I did not expect the hot and very humid weather today. I guess a typhoon is on its way.

Anyway, on my way to the university, my mind was really far away. I was thinking a lot. Like, really a lot. When I alight at the waiting shed, I tried walking my way till I get to the Soccer field area. On the side of the road, old acacia trees, fire trees and narra trees lined up. This is one thing that I really like about my Alma mater. It is surrounded by plants and trees, that gives us shade and temporary shield and comfort in our everyday lives in the university. As soon as I arrived the Soccer field area, I sat at the bench. I breathed out heavily and gave out a sigh then I looked up the old acacia trees and saw the small brown leaves were falling. It was beautiful and sad at the same time. After staring at the branches and leaves for a long time, I felt very nostalgic, nostalgic about so many things. Time stopped for a while, like everything went into slow motion and I stopped hearing any noise from my surrounding. I just looked at the trees. Was the leaves of the trees here like this before? There was something about them. They looked so wise and experienced, like they already witnessed a lot of things since the day they rooted firmly in the ground. I guess, I was too busy studying and running after my next class in the next building that I hardly notice these kind of details. Suddenly, the wind blew hard and carried away most of the leaves that were falling down. A gush of memories came to my head. It was a nice feeling, happy yet there is some sadness into it. I felt really overwhelmed and thought, ‘I did not realized, time flies so fast.’ What happened to me? I got lost again in my own pace. I stopped, and looked down, then faced the soccer field. The area is covered with brown color because of the dried grass. It is the dry season, but it will be back again into lush green as soon as the rainy season comes.

This feeling gave me some energy and hope. Somehow, I was able to understand my feelings and try to be positive, after all, there is a rainbow always after the rain. Though in this particular day there is no rain, just hot and humid weather.

Please Help Them

This is so sad. I think the news about the informal settlers in Quezon City needs more attention than the Vhong Navarro Case. Is the media trying to divert the attention of the people away from the government? I wonder…

To the government and the owner of the land, I know you are all very eager to get the land and build malls and condominiums, but please help the informal settlers! I know they are at fault, but please try to understand them. Help them rebuild their life and not like this. They are human also.


This photo is not mine. Credits goes to the owners.

Other Photos can be viewed here.


Photos: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/pictures/squatters-clash-with-police-over-demolition-of-their-homes-in-quezon-city-9088865.html

My Precious Gem

Dear Someone,

People say I am really blessed. They are right. I am really  blessed. I feel so lucky and blessed for everything even though I think I do not deserve it. It was perfect, so perfect that no one, not even one could dare destroy it. And even if there is someone who would dare destroy it, they could not do it. The foundation was so strong and it has been tested through time. Experienced and wise, it has been through a lot already. But right now, I do not understand why it became into this. Everything crumbled into pieces. I guess, it is a punishment for me. I am not a good person, I was not able to cherish the people who are really important to me. It was all my fault. In exchange for being a bad person, I deserve to be hurt so badly.

Everything was going perfect, then all of a sudden, the foundation we worked hard to build, just shattered right in front of me. I felt very weak, I was trembling. I lost the energy that was left with me the whole time. Tears are pouring down on my face like it is forever. I am crying my heart out. All the good memories goes through my head. Everything felt like it was just a good dream. Now, I feel painful, I am losing the will to everything. How did it happen? What happened? I do not understand why? Everything is my fault.

Should I still hope and be positive? Yes. Even if the chance is so little, I should continue to hope and believe. Believe that everything will be okay. I am trying to rebuild everything again, but how it can be complete again if I am the only one rebuilding it? I am doing my best to think of a way. There is always a solution to every problem right?

If everything fails, I will lose everything I have. I do not want that to happen but since the decision is not mine, I could not do anything. Still, I am hoping. Hoping that there would be a miracle.

I really need a miracle now. Just this one, because this precious one is really important to me. I do not need any material things. I do not want anything else. Material things can never be compared to this one. This one is priceless, I will never find anything like this because this is so special.

I would be a struggle but I will continue to hope and believe until that miracle happens.


Your best friend

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